More Ways to Die in The Apocalypse

stung by mutant bees, or regular bees, buried alive because you look dead, buried alive because they don’t have the heart to kill you right, brained with a frying pan in a dispute over canned goods, brained with a space heater in a dispute over twinkies, stabbed with a corkscrew in a dispute over shelter, fall asleep drunk and sad and alone and wake up to your skin being peeled off with a vegetable peeler and toasted over an open fire, or don’t wake up, scratch off your own skin because you never seem to feel clean anymore, flee outdoors in a snowstorm and freeze in less than an hour, no electricity means no heating means the pipes freeze means no water so what comes first dehydration or freezing?,  you’re trapped in your house when it starts on fire from trying to melt water and make heat, you decide not to escape the fire in your house when it starts because what’s the point anyway?, imprisoned and eaten one limb at a time, used as bait to distract zombies or bears or the New Police so your captors can escape, traded to the New Police for immunity or rations or sex and then beaten for fun until your eyes close, traded to the New Police for whisky or water or fuel and then strung up outside the walls by your entrails with your fingernails and toenails and earlobes and teeth and eyes pulled off and eaten by passers-by,

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