Day One of The Rest of America

I woke up and I remembered that it was over. I looked out the window. There was nothing. Just smoke. I wondered if I opened the window, would there be smoke inside? Would I suffocate? Was smoke seeping through the gaps, even now filling my lungs? I ate beans. I counted my cans. I prayed. I said: Thank god I was ready for this thank you God for making me ready for this am I ready for this? I thought about eating more beans but I didn’t. I listened to the radio but it was only static I tried to make a phone call but there was no service I turned on the TV but it was blue and silent and that reminded me of the silence I was already inside of so I turned it off. I pet my dog.  She whined. I wondered how I would let her out to shit. I said to her. Shit. Just shit. Just do it. She whined. She didn’t shit.

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