Hey Baby, You’re Even Hotter Than That Time I Got Helicoptered Out of an Active Volcano

HER: I don’t believe you lived through all that.

HIM: Well I did.

HER: Or are you just trying to get me to sleep with you?

HIM: What if I am? Why just? Why isn’t it more than that?

HER: Why isn’t your boner more than just your boner?

HIM: Maybe it’s more of a spiritual connection I have with you. Maybe I want your mind.

HER: As in like you’d like to take it and use it for science experiments.

HIM: No. Gross.

HER: You’d like it to actually be your brain, so my ideas would be your ideas, and you’d be rich and impressive because if my ideas came out of your man mouth, people would think they were fucking revolutionary.

HIM: Um.

HER: Well?

HIM: I did actually live through all that.

HER: Then congrats on being alive I guess.

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