Basically it’s like this

Sara: Tell them that you’re busy.

Jen: No.

Sara: Tell them that you have something else planned.

Jen: I don’t have something else planned.

Sara: You said you’d spend the day with me.

Jen: And I did. It’s night now.

Sara: It’s early evening and the early evening is part of “the day”

Jen: I have plans, Sara. I’m’ sorry. We’ll spend another day together soon.


Bored with that, start over

Sara: You’re a cunt, Jen.

Jen: Lick it, you’ll see

My Mom might read this, start over

Sara: I can’t talk to you.

Jen: Why not?

Sara: My mom might know.

Jen: So?

Sara: You don’t get it.

Jen: Clearly.

Sara: I need things to be ok with us.

Jen: That’s not going to happen if you don’t talk to me.

Sara: I mean with me and my mom.

Jen: oh.

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