BUNKER 6. continued.

MIKE: (softly) You know we should just call it.

DALLAS: (no eye contact) Yeah. Yeah.

Mike and Dallas walk over. They pick up three big bags. They sling them over their backs and walk away. The sound of rushing water starts quiet. Gets louder.

WYNONA: Hey. Where are you going with those?! HEY.

Dallas and Mike keep walking. Almost at the same time, Mina, Wynona, and Annie point and cock their guns.


ANNIE: We will kill you.

Dallas and Mike turn, guns also up.

MIKE: You ain’t gonna do that.

MINA: You fucking bastard.

Dallas doesn’t make eye contact.

Mina shoots him. Mike shoots his gun, Mae screams, Wynona and Annie shoot, mayhem.

Mike is shot, Dallas is shot, Wynona is shot, Mae is shot.

MINA: You. Fuck. Fuck you.


Dallas sits up groaning. Mina shoots him again.

MINA: Fuck.

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