Dallas, Mina, Wynona, Mae, Annie, Drake, Mike (The Real Prepper). Everyone has guns strapped to their backs except Mae, who is carrying a knife but looks like she doesn’t really know how to use it for anything in particular. She follows close behind Annie. Drake sulks in a corner.

DALLAS: Did you see anything out there?

MINA: I told you I didn’t.

DALLAS: Anybody else?

MIKE: Who died’n made you ringleader, kid?


Mike and Dallas clasp hands and do a complicated bro hug. Mina rolls her eyes.

MIKE: Mina.

MINA: Mike.

MAE: Water’s rising.

ANNIE: Shhh.

MIKE: What do we got for supplies?

MAE: Water’s rising.

ANNIE: Just wait.

DALLAS:  Coupla days of food. Six liters of water.

MAE: Annie!

Annie places her hand over Mae’s mouth.

MIKE: That’s not gonna do it.

Dallas looks around quickly at the group, assessing.

DALLAS: I know.

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