Bunker 6. Reconfigured.

MIKE: (softly) You know we should just call it.

DALLAS: (no eye contact) Yeah. Yeah.

Mike and Dallas walk over. They pick up three big bags. They sling them over their backs and walk away. The sound of rushing water starts quiet. Gets louder.

WYNONA: Hey. Where are you going with those?! HEY.

Dallas and Mike keep walking. Almost at the same time, Mina, Wynona, and Annie point and cock their guns.


ANNIE: Wynona, are we—

WYNONA: Fuckers I’ll kill you.

MINA: Not yet. Just—

Dallas and Mike keep walking.

MAE: Annie?

MINA: Dallas. Dallas!

Dallas and Mike keep walking.

WYNONA: This is your last warning, Mike you cocksucker!

ANNIE: Who are we—

MINA: I don’t. I can’t. I can’t.

Mina drops her gun on the ground and crouches is next to it with her head in her hands, rocking back and forth. Annie lowers her gun, watching Dallas and Mike’s retreating backs in the distance. Wynona keeps her gun up, tensed to shoot.

WYNONA: (whispers) Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

Annie takes Wynona’s gun gently. Sets it on the ground. Turns to Drake.

ANNIE: You’re useless.

Drake looks away. Annie shakes her head. She looks around. The water is getting very loud.

MAE: Annie, the water.

ANNIE: I know. (she makes a decision) Everybody pack up. Let’s go.

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