DEZ: I hate him!

BUD: Who?

DEZ: At work, he’s a tiny little bitch and he doesn’t wear a tie.

BUD: So–?

DEZ: Everyone wears a tie but him! The women wear fucking lady ties we wear ties it’s the company fucking culture but him? Christ no! And he replies all.

BUD: No.

DEZ: He fucking replies all and I just can’t—like how am I supposed to take him seriously?!

BUD: I don’t know

DEZ: How am I supposed to take his fucking critiques.

BUD: I think you just do.

DEZ: No! He’s a—I like want to actually talk to him? And be like it might be easier to y’know take you seriously if you weren’t such a—what’s a less condescending word than ‘moron’?

BUD: Uh…I think you have a lot to choose from.

DEZ: Well I can’t think of anything, really, that is both less condescending and accurate so.

BUD: That’s rough.

DEZ: It is!

BUD: The English language is really letting you down.

DEZ: Yeah. Yeah it really is.

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