I Hate It

NITA: When it’s a really beautiful thing, like a really lovely image like a sunset I just hate it—if I love it I hate myself for liking it so then I hate it everything I like I also hate and everything I hate I don’t really care about at all

SHAWN: Woah.

NITA: I want everything I like and everything I make to be like meaningful but understated I want it to like actually just not mean anything but the fact that it doesn’t mean anything makes it mean something like people will be like wow, Anita Freeman is a fucking genius her shit’s so conceptual she’s like really really smart and like everything she makes is so clean but then I actually think everything I make is just like this empty pod like a husk like that spaceship superman came to earth in except it opens and nothing is inside and like I really only like the art where there is something inside and you can see it through the window, right, like before you open the pod you know it’s there the promise of the thing and the thing are the same and it’s like comforting because it is what it says it is but then I hate it because I know I’m supposed to hate it because smart people hate it and I always thought like. I’m smart. I’m SMART.

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