I Still Hate It

SHAWN: Why do you bother to want to like a thing that’s different than what you actually like? Somebody just like…planted that in you. That you have to like that. You don’t have to like anything that you don’t like.

NITA: I do though.

SHAWN: Fuck all that.

NITA: Nothing I like is good art it’s just like emotions it’s just like emotions that are kind of decorative I like to cry and not like a glistening tear I like to weep uncontrollably sob like a little kid and they fucking cancelled Barney like I’m fifteen and I just discovered people can die and not just old people right, like people who are made of hope can just stop existing and the most fucked up thing, right, that they don’t actually leave a hole in the world like I want to experience feelings

SHAWN: So do that. Do it. Do it all the time. What’s the fucking problem?

NITA: I’m supposed to be on an upward trajectory.

SHAWN: you are? Supposed to?

NITA: When people have an education they like better things they control themselves they enjoy debate they like art museums they just do the glistening tear thing.

SHAWN: Could you get over this, or. Like are you almost done?

NITA: What?

SHAWN: This is like. Really boring actually? Like I’d like to uh. I’d like for you to be over this, or like, deal with it privately, or like—at least not ask me to like, pretend that this is relatable fucking content? Like it’s the least problem problem I’ve ever heard and I’ve suggested the literal only solution I know so. Like maybe call me tomorrow, or—? You know?

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