And One More Thing About Witches

Am I a witch? Am I a woman? Are witches women? Are witches people? Are witches powerful? What is power? How does a witch become powerful? Is it the same way a woman becomes powerful? Is it possible for a witch to become powerful or is she only a witch after she has become an un-powerful woman? Is it possible for me to be a woman who is a witch who is powerful or is every thing that I can be separate from every other thing? Who created the categories and who gives them meaning and who enforces the meaning and how do I change the meaning if I don’t know whose meaning I’m taking hold of? Do I want to change the meaning or do I want to take the meaning in my hands, polish it with my warm breath and a soft cloth, press it to my chest until it’s absorbed by my skin, until it is me and I am it and no one can know the meaning of the word “Witch” until they know the meaning of me?

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