When Did it Start?

Kay, Jon, Dee, and Lisa. On the boat. They are sunburned. Day.

KAY: (dreamy) When did it start?

DEE: What kind of question is that?

LISA: Come on, Dee-

DEE: No. We were at home four days ago. A week ago we started hearing. Two weeks ago we heard nothing because there was nothing. So when do you think it started, Kay?

KAY: There wasn’t nothing!

JON: Kay-

KAY: There were guns before, people shooting people, children shooting children-

DEE: Isolated incidents.

JON: Save your strength-

KAY: No way, there’s no such thing.

LISA: I’m so tired.

KAY: First there were no shootings, then there was one really big one, then there were more but it was rare, then there were people who lived through two, or even three, then everyone had lived through at least one. It was most people most of the time before it was everywhere and everyone. So. When did it start? Was it that very first one? In the school? Was it before that sometime? The idea. The end of everything.

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