Apocalypse 53

JON: So, I mean, basically what is the difference, really, if it happens how and then, here and there, to this person, and then that person, and then that one, or all at the same time? None of us will know the difference! You know? If we’re all already dead?

LISA: It matters

JON: But why?

DEE: Don’t you believe in…legacy? In leaving something behind that lasts longer than you?

JON: Isn’t that kind of narcissistic? Like why do we care about our own personal legacy so much? What are we leaving behind that’s so great?

DEE: Art? Culture?

LISA: It’s pain. It’s…when one person dies the people immediately around them, feel it. And when a group of people dies it’s bigger, there’s a ripple, people farther and farther away, they feel it. The pain, the legacy, the memory—it connects them. And the weight of it, it brings them down, but there are other people around them…who are alive? And the network. It buoys them up? Too? And if uh…like if everyone dies…except maybe somehow just one person survives….then it’s too much pain, it’s too much memory, there’s no network, it’s just weight. And it crushes them. And the last thing that is humanity? Like the last thing that is us? Is just this crushing weight of nothingness? And even if. Even if. It’s actually no one, no one survives. Don’t you think the weight? Will still be there somehow? Crushing the earth, and the universe, the pain it will just be this big black hole of nothingness and pain and that will be what the universe is. And it will be our fault.

Dee kisses Lisa.

DEE: We’re not gonna /let that happen-

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