Apocalypse 54

JON: That’s really sweet, Lisa, but it’s bullshit. If everyone dies, it’s just…then it’s nothing. No one remembers. No weight. No pain. It’s just nothing.

LISA: I don’t believe that.

DEE: You don’t want to survive? You don’t want us to survive, together? You don’t want to….have kids, leave something behind, to…?

JON: No, I mean. I do. But. I don’t know if I believe I’m in control of that. Anymore.

KAY: It matters, Jon. If we all die. It matters.

JON…yeah. OK. Yeah.

Everyone stares at the fire.

KAY: Eat.

Kay pulls the fish off the fire. She hands it around. She keeps none for herself. She watches them eat.

JON: You’re not—[having any]?

KAY: Eat. Live.

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