Ann and Gwyneth 2

ANN: Oh no? My mistake.

GWYNETH: I’m doing my breathing. I’m in control of my body and life. I’m the goddess of the universe that is me.

Ann raises her eyebrows.

ANN: A goddess would be free to scream. If there was pain. If she wanted to scream.

GWYNETH: I don’t want to scream.

Ann shrugs.

GWYNETH: Where is my doula.

ANN: I’m here to help, love.

Gwyneth grits her teeth. Deep breath through the nose.

GWYNETH: You’re not helping.

Ann rubs Gwyneth’s back. Her touch is soothing. Gwyneth leans into it. The pain passes. Gwyneth leans back. Ann dabs Gwyneth’s head with a damp cloth. Ann lights some sage on fire and waves it gently around the room.

ANN: What’s her name?


ANN: Unusual.

GWYNETH: It’s gender-neutral.

ANN: It’s…?

GWYNETH: Good for a boy or a girl.

ANN: She will bear fruit. She will be sweet but also bitter, sharp but also soft,

Gwyneth opens her eyes. She really looks at Ann.

ANN: A good name.

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