An Exit Ritual

AGoodbye something I can’t say no to Goodbye a sharp pain between my shoulder blade and my spine Goodbye acid reflux after beer lunch after hard morning after long night after no sleep after long day after cold pizza for breakfast after the flu don’t worry I’m fine it’s not the flu

Goodbye Health Services!

Goodbye “I’m not sick I’m just tired” goodbye hard work versus hard work versus hard work versus “real” work versus

Goodbye that sinking feeling that “I’m not good enough” feeling that “what even is good enough” feeling that “who decides what’s good enough?” Feeling that sorry feeling that “I’m so so sorry” feeling that “I’m not sorry suck my entire dick” feeling that always saying “goodbye” feeling that why even bother saying “goodbye” feeling that deep deep sigh that I can’t breath deeply enough try again deep breath(deep breath)

I can’t. breath deeply enough. try again. deep breath (deep breath)

Goodbye(deep breath)


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