World Premiere: THE FUTURE

Written and Directed by B. N. Reichenberger

The Future premiered at Chicago Fringe Festival 2014

Friday, September 5, 7:00 PM
Saturday, September 6, 5:30 PM
Sunday, September 7, 2:30 PM

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The Future

“I want to marry a guy with a lot of assets. I mean, a ton.”

Promotional Poster from The Chicago Fringe 2014 production of The Future.

Promotional Poster  2014 production.

In The Future, you get plastic surgery, cocaine, or cats. There will probably be ennui, and secondhand smoke. Maybe razor blades. Maybe memos. It all depends on what you want. Unless it doesn’t.

The Future examines the relationship between ownership and identity, age and values, and the links of fear and feeling that connect people to one another in the collective unconscious. Funny and heartbreaking, The Future is a unique theatrical experience that focuses on the word “want”: what we want, why we want it, and whether getting it even matters. 

Written and directed by B. N. Reichenberger, The Future is a passion project that could not have been possible without the support of the Chicago Fringe, Design Magician Cameron Petti, and Assistant Director Glenn Bush. It features a brilliant ensemble cast including Andrew Clancey, Alicia Queen, Emily Heath, Flavia Pallozzi, Kyle Encinas, and Zachary Finch.


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