Ann and Gwyneth 3

Gwyneth almost screams from a sudden, painful contraction. She bites her lip. She groans. Ann watches her intently.

ANN: You can scream.

GWYNETH: I don’t need to scream. I’m in control I don’t need to scream!

ANN: That’s it, girlie, let it out.


ANN: Tell me. Tell me.


Gwyneth screams. There is blood on the floor. Gwyneth crouches, clutching her abdomen. Ann goes to her, wraps her arms around her. Ann dabs Gwyneth’s brow and guides her gently to the floor. She smiles.

ANN: That’s it, sweet. Now, push.

Gwyneth pushes. She screams. Ann smiles.

ANN: You’ve got it now, love. You’ve got it now.

Gwyneth births an Apple. Ann takes a bite.

Ann and Gwyneth 2

ANN: Oh no? My mistake.

GWYNETH: I’m doing my breathing. I’m in control of my body and life. I’m the goddess of the universe that is me.

Ann raises her eyebrows.

ANN: A goddess would be free to scream. If there was pain. If she wanted to scream.

GWYNETH: I don’t want to scream.

Ann shrugs.

GWYNETH: Where is my doula.

ANN: I’m here to help, love.

Gwyneth grits her teeth. Deep breath through the nose.

GWYNETH: You’re not helping.

Ann rubs Gwyneth’s back. Her touch is soothing. Gwyneth leans into it. The pain passes. Gwyneth leans back. Ann dabs Gwyneth’s head with a damp cloth. Ann lights some sage on fire and waves it gently around the room.

ANN: What’s her name?


ANN: Unusual.

GWYNETH: It’s gender-neutral.

ANN: It’s…?

GWYNETH: Good for a boy or a girl.

ANN: She will bear fruit. She will be sweet but also bitter, sharp but also soft,

Gwyneth opens her eyes. She really looks at Ann.

ANN: A good name.

Ann and Gwyneth 1

Ann is Ann Boole, 1695 midwife. American. A witch? Gwyneth as in Paltrow. Gwyneth is hugely pregnant, surrounded by linen. She paces. She breathes. The light is soft. Gentle music plays. Gwyneth grits her teeth. She dabs her forehead with a cloth. Sweat. Dab.

ANN: You’re doing well, sweet.

GWYNETH: You’re not my Doula.

ANN: I’m here to help you bring her into the world. That’s what I’m here to do.

GWYNETH: I don’t know the sex.

ANN: Oh no? Not a girl?

GWYNETH: Maybe a girl.

ANN: She’ll tell you what she is soon enough.

Gwyneth grits her teeth against a contraction. Deep breath through the nose. It passes.

GWYNETH: My doula is supposed to be here.

ANN: You can scream if you want. Don’t have to hold tight like that on my account.

GWYNETH: I don’t need to scream.

Ann wets a cloth with warm water from a bowl and dabs Gwyneth’s forehead. Gwyneth closes her eyes.

Apocalypse 54

JON: That’s really sweet, Lisa, but it’s bullshit. If everyone dies, it’s just…then it’s nothing. No one remembers. No weight. No pain. It’s just nothing.

LISA: I don’t believe that.

DEE: You don’t want to survive? You don’t want us to survive, together? You don’t want to….have kids, leave something behind, to…?

JON: No, I mean. I do. But. I don’t know if I believe I’m in control of that. Anymore.

KAY: It matters, Jon. If we all die. It matters.

JON…yeah. OK. Yeah.

Everyone stares at the fire.

KAY: Eat.

Kay pulls the fish off the fire. She hands it around. She keeps none for herself. She watches them eat.

JON: You’re not—[having any]?

KAY: Eat. Live.

Apocalypse 53

JON: So, I mean, basically what is the difference, really, if it happens how and then, here and there, to this person, and then that person, and then that one, or all at the same time? None of us will know the difference! You know? If we’re all already dead?

LISA: It matters

JON: But why?

DEE: Don’t you believe in…legacy? In leaving something behind that lasts longer than you?

JON: Isn’t that kind of narcissistic? Like why do we care about our own personal legacy so much? What are we leaving behind that’s so great?

DEE: Art? Culture?

LISA: It’s pain. It’s…when one person dies the people immediately around them, feel it. And when a group of people dies it’s bigger, there’s a ripple, people farther and farther away, they feel it. The pain, the legacy, the memory—it connects them. And the weight of it, it brings them down, but there are other people around them…who are alive? And the network. It buoys them up? Too? And if uh…like if everyone dies…except maybe somehow just one person survives….then it’s too much pain, it’s too much memory, there’s no network, it’s just weight. And it crushes them. And the last thing that is humanity? Like the last thing that is us? Is just this crushing weight of nothingness? And even if. Even if. It’s actually no one, no one survives. Don’t you think the weight? Will still be there somehow? Crushing the earth, and the universe, the pain it will just be this big black hole of nothingness and pain and that will be what the universe is. And it will be our fault.

Dee kisses Lisa.

DEE: We’re not gonna /let that happen-

When Did it Start?

Kay, Jon, Dee, and Lisa. On the boat. They are sunburned. Day.

KAY: (dreamy) When did it start?

DEE: What kind of question is that?

LISA: Come on, Dee-

DEE: No. We were at home four days ago. A week ago we started hearing. Two weeks ago we heard nothing because there was nothing. So when do you think it started, Kay?

KAY: There wasn’t nothing!

JON: Kay-

KAY: There were guns before, people shooting people, children shooting children-

DEE: Isolated incidents.

JON: Save your strength-

KAY: No way, there’s no such thing.

LISA: I’m so tired.

KAY: First there were no shootings, then there was one really big one, then there were more but it was rare, then there were people who lived through two, or even three, then everyone had lived through at least one. It was most people most of the time before it was everywhere and everyone. So. When did it start? Was it that very first one? In the school? Was it before that sometime? The idea. The end of everything.

Remember What’s Coming

Geena and Teddy stand in a line at a coffee shop. Wynona loiters nearby, on her phone.

GEENA: What do you want? Venti?

TEDDY: Grande is fine, Geena.

GEENA: Is that going to be enough or are you going to want some of mine.

TEDDY: It’s enough!

GEENA: Are you sure-

TEDDY: Why don’t you get me whatever you think I want, then?

GEENA: Oh, don’t be like that.

Someone Who Remembers enters, looks at Wynona, looks at Geena and Teddy.

SOMEONE WHO REMEMBERS: The world’s gonna end and it’s their fault.


SOMEONE WHO REMEMBERS: The world’s gonna end and it’s their fault.

Someone Who Remembers laughs and laughs and walks away.


Wynona goes back to her phone.