Writing Samples

Read samples of my work here. If you’re looking for a sample of a specific play that’s not available here, or if you want to read a full script, check out my NPX or feel free to Contact Me!


Tomorrow Game (2F) – Two solitary women struggle to survive and connect in a postapocalyptic wasteland.

Everybody’s Dead: A Comedy (2F, 1M) – A woman trapped in a bunker with a sex robot decides to escape in search of her former assistant.

How to Live Forever (8-10F) – A 16th c. midwife and a modern wellness guru connect across space and time in search of history and power.

Guns in Trees (6F, 4M) – A family of Minnesota preppers struggles with survival and identity while local Beavers deal with similar issues.

Krav Maga! (3F, 2M) – A hyper-anxious woman deals with her fears about intimacy by learning self-defense.


Rectified: An Apocryphal History of Bourbon – An 1830s chemist idevelops superior whiskey while dealing with sexist social constraints.

Love, Genome – A geneticist finds love with a dog judge while sequencing the first complete canine genome.

Mrs. Maisel, S4E1 Spec – Midge attempts to reboot her career on tour in Ohio while Susie runs into trouble in New York.