Hi, there.

I write about women, witches, werewolves (and other canines), capitalism, whiskey, and doomsday preppers. Also musicals, miniscule operas, and puppet game shows.

I recently moved to LA where I’m looking to work in TV, so if you’re looking for a writer (or just a set of highly-capable hands) get in touch!

Currently, I’m writing a seven-play cycle about American survivalism and doomsday prepping, and a pilot about a teenage Lutheran purity-girl werewolf.

As a director I’m into minimizing hierarchy, asking questions, and DIY solutions (unless you have $$$, then I’m into acrobats and fire).

I also run a feminist horror film blog, called Brutal ‘N Scary with Brandy N. Carie, where I review and discuss my favorite scares.

MFA Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

Let’s be friends: NPX, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.