Hi, there.

I’m an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, librettist, and director originally from Minnesota, whose work explores Americana, apocalypse, and women finding their power.

I also run a feminist horror film blog, called Brutal ‘N Scary with Brandy N. Carie.

As a director I’m into minimizing hierarchy, asking questions, and DIY solutions (unless you have $$$, then I’m into acrobats and fire).

As a writer I’m into violent women, devastating intimacy, and stories set in hot dish country. My post-apoc TOMORROW GAME won the ACTF Playwriting Award from the Kennedy Center in 2019, and my feature, LOVE, GENOME, won the 2019 Sloan/CMU Screenwriting Award (first place).

Currently I’m writing a seven-play cycle about American survivalism and doomsday prepping, a puppet adaptation of Jane Austen’s complete ouevre, and a body horror feature about pregnancy and forced birth. I’m also actively looking for opportunities to staff in a writer’s room, so hit me up!

MFA Dramatic Writing, Carnegie Mellon University.

Let’s be friends: NPX, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.