Legend of a Weird Girl (30-min. comedy)

Logline: After a sheltered Lutheran teen is bitten by a mysterious canine, her suspicion that she is transforming into a ravenous werewolf threatens her chance to upgrade her nerdy image.

The G.O.A.T. (1-hr. period dramedy)

Logline: A TREASURE ISLAND-obsessed lesbian pickpocket fights tooth and nail to escape the bleak monotony of real life and manifest her glittering fantasies. With mutiny and murder at every turn, she swears to become an infamous riverboat pirate or die trying.


Love, Genome (Romantic Comedy)

Logline: When an ambitious geneticist scores funding to sequence the first canine genome, the last thing she wants is “assistance” from an irritatingly sexy dog expert; but when her well-oiled life falls apart, and her beloved dog, Genome, goes missing, she discovers even hotshot scientists sometimes need a little help.

First place – SLOAN/CMU Screenwriting Award 2019

Untitled Pregnancy Feature (Body Horror)

Logline: After a horrific and isolating trauma, a motherhood-averse woman seeks peace at a woodsy cabin with her supportive boyfriend. When she discovers she’s pregnant, repeated barriers to her abortion attempts send her down a paranoid spiral toward destructive, desperate escape.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (S4, E1)

Synopsis: Midge travels to Ohio in an attempt to jerryrig a comeback. Susie returns to New York to sort out loose ends (including Midge’s finances), but she’s stymied by her terror of being arrested for arson. Rose competes with Abe to become as successful in her matchmaking business as he is as a theater critic. Imogene attends a consciousness-raising event that forces her to reconsider whether she wants to be a secretary after all.

Shrill (S2, E6) “Occult”

Synopsis: Annie struggles to find an angle for a Daily Thorn feature of a local occult beauty store. Ryan hopes a hamburger eating contest will help him find his destiny. Fran takes a romantic solo spa day.