Rectified: An Apocryphal History of Bourbon

Under the influence of increasing volumes of bourbon, Dani, a Master Distiller at a Bourbon distillery, tells the true-ish tale of the distillery’s founder. In the 1830s Greer Douglas is a chemist, proto-feminist, dare she say genius? With a little help from her friends, Greer founds a distillery that uses science to improve the flavor of her spirits and vows to make the best whiskey the podunk town of Louisville, KY has ever tasted! Nothing–not even Dani’s guest’s pedantic insistence on “Historical Facts”–will get in the way of this story.

Finalist: SLOAN/CMU Screenwriting Award 2020

Love, Genome

When hotshot geneticist Maxine is funded to sequence the first complete canine genome, she is confident she can handle the project on her own. Then a stack of administrative work, a teary grad student, and an irritatingly sexy dog breed expert gum up the gears of her well-oiled life. When her beloved dog, Genome, goes missing Maxine must confront the possibility that this time, she might need a little help.   

First place – SLOAN/CMU Screenwriting Award 2019

TV Pilots

Legend of a Weird Girl (30-min. comedy)

Candace, tween Lutheran good girl and fantasy super-nerd, is sure public high school is gonna be no problem with her two besties by her side. But it turns out Candace is not cool enough to hang with her newly popular BFFs. All around her, and worse inside her, things are changing at a rapid pace. On top of school and shuttling between her newly divorced parents , there’s puberty–and the strange feeling that a dog bite sustained at the full moon might be more than just a rabies risk. She’s hungry, she’s hairy, and she’s starting high school. WWJD?

Untitled Pirate Pilot (1-hr. drama)

Anne lives a wild life aboard her lover Captain Jack Rackham’s pirate ship, fighting and fucking to her heart’s content. She’s free to indulge in her taste for violence without the constraints of the proper 18th century life she fled as a girl. But Anne can’t escape the haunting memories of her former life. Nor can she escape the wrath of the East India Company, which has finally tired of being plundered by Rackham’s crew and is now in hot pursuit. When Anne’s suggestions for the management of the ship are disregarded, she begins to chafe at even the limited rules of a sailor’s life. She could be captain of her own ship. She just needs a crew. And a ship. And a sword.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (S4, E1)

Midge travels to Ohio in an attempt to jerryrig a comeback. Left to her own devices in boring Cleveland, she wonders if all the hard work and loneliness are worth it. Susie returns to New York to sort out numerous loose ends (including Midge’s finances), but she’s stymied by her terror of being arrested for arson. Rose competes with Abe to become as successful in her matchmaking business as he is as a theater critic. Imogene attends a consciousness-raising event that forces her to reconsider whether she wants to be a secretary after all.

Shrill (S2, E6) “Exquisite”

Annie struggles to find an angle for a Daily Thorn feature of a local occult beauty store. Ryan hopes a hamburger eating contest will help him find his destiny. Fran takes a romantic solo spa day.