Love, Genome

When hotshot geneticist Maxine is funded to sequence the first complete canine genome, she is confident she can handle the project on her own. Then a stack of administrative work, a teary grad student, and an irritatingly sexy dog breed expert gum up the gears of her well-oiled life. When her beloved dog, Genome, goes missing Maxine must confront the possibility that this time, she might need a little help.   

First place – SLOAN/CMU Screenwriting Award 2019

One More Sip: An Apocryphal History of Bourbon

Greer Campbell, a Scotswoman who chafes at the restrictions of her 19th century life, inherits a farm near Louisville, KY and decides to move there and start a whole new life. She gets there and all the a super scientific whiskey distillery, that will make the best American Whiskey this podunk town has ever seen!-er- tasted! America has never seen spirits like this.



2002. The waning days of Lutheran Middle School find Candace trying to cling to her childhood while all around her, and worse inside her, things are changing at a rapid pace. If changing schools and shuttling between her divorced (but Jesus-loving!) parents wasn’t rough enough, there’s puberty–and the strange feeling that a dog bite sustained at the full moon might be more than just a rabies scare. She’s hungry, she’s hairy, and she’s starting high school. WWJD?