Full Length

White: A North Dakota Story  (3 F, 3 M)

Bliss, ND is a tiny, forgotten town. Population: 16. Demographics: 93.7% white; 6.3% black. Country living can be harsh, but here, everyone’s family. Until a known white separatist leader comes to town, planning to get himself elected mayor and build himself the first American all-whites town–whether the townspeople like it or not. And boy, do they ever not like it. Based on a true story, White explores family, fear, loneliness, and what it is to be white in rural America today.


Krav Maga! (2 M, 3 F)

When Monica begins taking Israeli special forces fighting (AKA Krav Maga!) as a self-defense class (and also a form of therapy) she starts to believe in a version of herself that is confident, strong, empowered. Then she punches multiple people that she loves in the face, and has to deal with the consequences. Krav Maga! explores intimacy, love, and the rules of dating through a lens of exercise, violence, and food.


Tomorrow Game (2 F)

Bell and Roe live in a postapocalyptic wasteland that is so far gone they don’t even remember a time when there were grocery stores, safe drinking water, or 911. They each live in isolation, until they happen to meet. Bell shows Roe a game: take of your mask and see if you can breathe. Try this vegetable, and see if you wake up. Read a poem. Do more than just not-die. Bell may also have ulterior motives. Roe’s shelter is stocked with years worth of canned goods and other priceless resources. Is their friendship true–or just another game?


Changeling Play (2 M, 5 F)

Susan’s mother has always believed that Susan is a changeling, but Susan’s sister Bernice has protected and befriended her all their lives. Now that Susan is about to get married, she is more and more restless–does she really belong here? could she belong somewhere else? She goes in search of fairies, and when she finds them, new questions arise: after all, they didn’t really want her. They traded her for someone else. Can she ever belong anywhere? Or is this just good enough? A play set to traditional Appalachian folk music. Set in the isolated hills of 1890s Appalachia.


Novelty (3 M, 4 F)

Welcome to Wayfarer Novelty Golf, the most fancy-pants mini golf educational family experience you’ll ever encounter in all your wide and weary travels. Wayfarer is home to bored teenagers, stressed-out moms, and the world’s only mini-golf replica of the Statue of David (sans the baby-maker, of course). Rob lies about everything, Claire wants to fuck (with) everyone, and Evan may or may not have been making Meth at his parents’ lake house. Summer in the suburbs is  endless hot, empty days. How ever will they fill the time?


The Facts, The Truth, and Other Stories (YA. 2 M, 5 F)

Olive is a seventeen-year-old inventor on the verge of a scientific breakthrough! Maybe. Prompted by a truth-telling machine (In Beta), she conducts a secret correspondence with her own mother, Marianne, a lonely woman with dozens of pen-pals. When Olive meets Martin, a thirty-five-year-old drunk layabout, they form an unlikely friendship–which is utterly derailed when Martin becomes involved with a self-help organization called The Facts. Weaving throughout Olive and Martin’s tale is Scheherazade, a mythic storyteller, leading us on an exploration of the stories we tell each other–and the stories we tel ourselves.



What the Ladies Do (3 F)

Three proper 19th century ladies (cousins, in fact!) sit in interminable boredom, embroidering, reading the Bible in Latin, smoking cigarettes, and getting naked. Being a good girl and a lady is a full time job, but Elizabeth knows what God wants them to do. 


And Now, An Education From Our Sponsors (YA. 8-15 Teens)

A Brand Representative who pitches advertisements during every class. A class devoted entirely to effective twitter-speak. This is Corporate Public Schools, where everything is sponsored and sponsorship equals status. When Julian starts his first day of Freshman year, he is afraid of everything, and Zoe won’t stop passing him notes that make him blush. After Zoe and her cousin, known only as “Renegade” save him from bullies and first-day trouble, he feels obligated to join them in their protest of Corporate Public Greed–but will their protest even have an impact? And are Zoe and Renegade really who they say they are?


Betty the Zombie  adapted from the short story by Elizabeth Crane (6 F)

Meet Betty. Betty is a zombie. Betty wants to change. Betty goes on the Lifetime reality television series Relight the Fire of You. Through craft projects, group therapy, and electric fence limbo, Betty realizes that she has never fully addressed her latent issues of overspending and never having mourned the loss of not having children. Betty comes to believe that there are no coincidences in life, and feels that becoming a zombie gave her the opportunity to share her strength and hope through her love of needlecrafts.


The Future  (3 F, 3 F)

The Future is a monologue-based piece that explores the relationship between ownership and identity, age and values, and the links of fear and feeling that connect people to one another in the collective unconscious. The piece takes place in the future-tense, allowing each character to tell his or her own story, focusing on what they “want”or think they want.



Sisterhood (2 F)

Marty and Natalie are sisters, but definitely not friends. After an altercations with Natalie’s cult-leader boyfriend goes awry, the two find themselves trapped in a bathroom, trying to figure out how to fight for their lives.


Bus Stop Variations (2 M, 2 F)

A Man and a Woman at a bus stop. A Man and a Man and a Woman at a bus stop. A Woman and a Woman with a cigarette at a bus stop. Interacting with strangers is weirdly hard.


Hey, Hey, I Wanna Get Married (1 M, 1 F)

A Man and a Woman sit on a park bench. The Man is sweating. “Did you enjoy watching me play tennis as you do every week?” he asks. “I imagine my virility was highly stimulating.” He knows this is the perfect way to start off a marriage. As soon as the woman knows that’s what they’re doing, he’s sure she’ll agree. 



Twinings (1 M, 1 F)

Harold and Marjorie sit in the library, drinking tea. Very nice tea. They’ve been together for so long, they hardly have to speak full sentences–but Marjorie has something to say.

produced in 2015, published in 105 5-Minute Plays by Smith and Kraus 2016.


F**k Kiss Touch (1 M, 1 F)

Sometimes a girl meets a guy at a bar and thinks: this is the meaningless hookup I’ve been waiting for. So she brings him home, gets a little drunk, kisses him a whole bunch–and finds out he has other things planned.


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