I simply cannot wait to see my 5-minute opera, THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING: A LOVE STORY, composed by Joshua Brown, presented in animated form with a live singer at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival.

New Opera West will feature THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING along with two other video projects at a two-night event at the Hudson Guild Theatre. Tickets are free, drinks are complimentary, and both evenings will be followed by a brief talkback with the artists (including me) – so come hang out!

This piece was animated by the talented Ankita Panda, and will have live vocals by Maria Lindsey. New Opera West will also release the animation in a digital format, with vocals by Colleen McGovern.

Goodbye Pittsburgh, Hello LA!

I’m excited to be embarking on yet another big adventure: I have just just moved to Los Angeles, CA!

With the Coronavirus Pandemic still in full swing it’s an extremely weird time to be moving to the home of crowds, drought, earthquakes, and wildfires! Nevertheless I’m pumped to be here and looking forward to getting acquainted with the theatre (when it revives), film/TV, and most importantly, tacos, that call this gigantic city home.

I’m confident next time I post it will be a selfie with Blake and Ryan at a casual dinner/drinks thing in their totally understated mansion. Blake and I had the same high school Show Choir choreographer so I’m sure she’s planning to give me a ring any day now.