A Week of SPACE

I had the most beautiful week at SPACE on Ryder Farm last week working on a new play and getting fed 3 glorious square meals a day by a really talented chef.

I also got to pet a horse and went swimming and stand-up paddle boarding in a lake.

I read a lot and wrote a lot and slept a lot and met some very cool artists. Basically, it was perfect.

Kennedy Center National Student Playwriting Award

My play TOMORROW GAME won the Kennedy Center’s Harold and Mimi Steinberg National Student Playwriting Award, which comes with a big cash prize, option to publish, and the invitation to attend this weeks Student Playwriting Festival–which I did!

And I’m so happy to have met so many wonderful playwrights, directors, and dramaturgs, as well as the many incredibly talented and smart guest artists that came in to work with us on our plays and talk to us about art.

I’m also thrilled to share this video of the 10-minute excerpt of my play that was featured on the Millennium Stage! Check it out (minute 46 is me)!

Remember Where We Used to Be

Annie, June, and Mina hike along a well worn trail. The distant sound of water.

ANNIE: Didn’t there used to be trees here?

MINA: I haven’t been out this way before.

ANNIE: Junie, there were trees right?

JUNE:…I don’t remember.

ANNIE: I’m sure of it. Big, tall—like forests. How could they—where did they go?

MINA: Are you sure it was right…in this spot?

ANNIE: It was everywhere…all around, for miles. June you don’t remember?

JUNE: I…Maybe I do?

Annie sighs.

ANNIE: It’s ok, June, you don’t have to remember.

JUNE: OK. Then I don’t.

They walk. The sound of water gets louder.

A Witch in Dialogue with Gwyneth (part 2)


Our daughters will be afraid but they will pretend to be unafraid for fear that their very fear will give them the look of knowledge.Their daughters will be unafraid but they will whisper secrets in the night. Their daughters will look around and see a world without secrets or knowledge or memory and they will feel cold and t hey will fear only more of the same. Their daughters will sleep and when they scream the men in their beds will ask why and they will say they do not remember but they will remember just enough to make them know how much we have all lost. Their daughters will run naked and screaming, and instead of fearing and hating them, men will call their rage disease and treat them by slicing them into pieces until their silence is empty and other women will pretend to laugh. Their daughters will actually laugh.


I’m sure if I just breathe for long enough, I will go back to the moment I first felt like a woman, before the moment I first felt like it was possible to die. I’m sure if I think with enough serenity about wide open spaces, my face will become smooth and my body will become aerodynamic and my mind will be able to move freely from the present to the past to the future and I will be whole and I will be everyone.

A Witch in Dialogue with Gwyneth (part 1)


We were powerful once. They didn’t recognize it as power because it hurt no one, but we were so strong. We protected women we saved their children we healed their bodies and their minds. We ate good bread and brewed small beer. But we became afraid. After me, they will all be too afraid.


I want you to refresh your body and mind. I want you to take a deep breath and count to fifty and feel the breath in your nose, out your mouth, until you are in touch with your pores and you can feel yourself reverse-aging. This may take awhile. Don’t rush it.

Gwyneth and Abbey close their eyes and take a deep breath.