How to Live Forever at Madison New Works Lab

I’m so pumped to head to Virginia in August to visit James Madison University and workshop my play HOW TO LIVE FOREVER with the students there! I have already had several affirming and artistically exciting conversations with the team at JMU, and I just cannot wait to bring this play to life.

HOW TO LIVE FOREVER was my thesis play at Carnegie Mellon in 2019, way back when it was a dinky little 60-minute 3-person excursion into what’s possible with time travel and gender. With the generous developmental support of director Nora Gair, it’s morphed into a 2-act epic for double the actors.

I’ve been dreaming of tackling this new version of the play for a long time, and I am giddy with excitement to get started!

A Week of SPACE

I had the most beautiful week at SPACE on Ryder Farm last week working on a new play and getting fed 3 glorious square meals a day by a really talented chef.

I also got to pet a horse and went swimming and stand-up paddle boarding in a lake.

I read a lot and wrote a lot and slept a lot and met some very cool artists. Basically, it was perfect.

Pittsburgh Here I Come!

Thrilled to share that I’ve been accepted into Carnegie Mellon University’s playwriting MFA for fall of 2018. We’ll be moving to Pittsburgh in August and I am thrilled to check out that whole “seasons” thing again. Been a while. What’s a sweater?

I will be joining 5 other awesome playwrights in the class of 2020.’

So if you’re in the area or know someone who is, hit me up!