ICKipedia Theatre – MacBADth

So delighted to be working with some of my fave collaborators Joshua Brown and Lauren D’Errico on their brand-new project: The ICKipedia Theatre Podcast.

You can learn more at their website, but it’s basically a podcast designed to feature new work inspired by old work, and to poke fun at Classic Theatre by performing radio play versions of the Wikipedia article about the play!

I am proud to be the director of the spoof portion of the first episode: MacBADth, a very bad (but so so good) Macbeth adaptation. The play will be paired with an excerpt of a really actually great play, beth by Alex Lin.

The podcast will be airing sometime in September, so stay tuned!

And if you want to support the artists who are making this pristine piece of Very Serious Art (including me!), you can do that here.