Montauk 4Lyfe

I have just returned from my incredible Albee Foundation Fellowship in Montauk, NY. It was more than I ever could have imagined as both a respite from the daily grind (Hello, three jobs! Oh, how I have not missed you.), and as a really wonderful setting to create. I revised 1 play, wrote two full-length plays, and began sketching out an idea for another full length play and also a TV pilot (hey, a girl can dream!)

The whole time I was surrounded by incredible artists, beautiful beaches, delicious (and maddeningly expensive) farmers’ market fare, and a wonderful caretaker, Rex, who recommended all the best places and helped me find my dog when she temporarily got lost.

I finished up my trip with a 48-hour whirlwind in NYC, where I saw 3 plays and met with 6 awesome & talented theater professionals, all of whom were encouraging and insightful about the industry.

Overall, it could not have been a better experience, and I have every intention of applying again in the future. Obviously fellowships agree with me.


My furbaby, Bechdel, in my room at the Barn. Literally a Room of One’s Own. You know, assuming the “one” refers in this instance to my dog.

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