The Box Is The Universe: A Tiny Evening of Puppets and Opera at Bricolage

So happy to have my mini-opera THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE UNIVERSE be part of THE BOX IS THE UNIVERSE: A TABLETOPERA. My piece was one of three mini-operas produced in a storage container with my cool collaborators The Off-Book Club as part Bricolage Production Company’s Bazaar Fundraiser!

The other two operas had librettos written by DT Burns and Lauren D’Errico, music for all 3 was by Joshua Brown, set design by Sasha Schwartz, performance by Colleen Michelle McGovern with DT Burns on puppets and heat lamps and everything else.

THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING was a non-visual sensory experience designed to be accessible for vision-impaired audiences. All audience members wore blindfolds and listened the the opera while heat-lamps were employed to create a sense of warmth and light as the universe came into existence-in just five minutes!

Pictures by Sasha Schwartz.