Houston Chronicle Calls EVERYBODY’S DEAD “Brilliant” “Potent” and “Immensely Funny”

Not to toot my own horn.

I’m delighted to share that Mildred’s Umbrella’s FemFest Houston was recently featured in American Theatre Magazine, which made me feel fancy enough!

I’m beyond overjoyed to share that, after it’s premiere on Monday, EVERYBODY’S DEAD: A COMEDY also received a glowing review from the Chronicle’s freelance critic Bridgette M. Redman.

Redman praises the script as a “a potent play about the pandemic,” that never mentions “the words “pandemic,” “virus” or “COVID-19.”’ She also waxes poetic about my play’s obsession with sex:

One of Carie’s strengths is capturing the absurdity of sex, weaving passion into the human foibles that often make the ultimate act of intimacy look ridiculous. The idea of sex dominates people’s thoughts and the desire for it sometimes makes them behave in embarrassing and awkward ways. All this Carie captures in her brilliant script.

Thank you VERY much!

She also (rightly) praises the performances of a fabulous cast and the considered direction of my genius friend and beloved collaborator, Dana Bowman.

You can read the full review here!

Tickets to the show are still available through June 3: get those here.