Houston: That’s a Wrap

Thanks to everyone over at Mildred’s Umbrella for a wonderful reading and post-show discussion!

The entire Consenting Bodies series was rad, and I was impressed with all the in-depth discussion of the themes brought up by these three awesome plays.

Here’s a candid of me looking Minnesota Fancy in my favorite plaid shirt at the talkback:

That’s me on the far left! With the wonderful director and festival coordinator Bree Bridger, Dano Colon (Bryan), Callina Anderson (Monica), and mediating the talkback, Danielle Bunch who directed THE MORNING AFTER by Erica Saleh, and played Bree in BULLY by Amina Henry.

And here’s a pic of the second most-important thing I did while back in Texas:

Nobody makes a Julep like they do in the south, and nobody makes a cocktail like they do at Anvil Bar & Refuge!

Consenting Bodies a “Must Do”

Houstonia Magazine published this great feature of the Consenting Bodies Readings. The article includes some fantastic quotes from Bree Bridger, who is curating the festival, as well as directing my play, KRAV MAGA!

Equally excitingly, they’ve included the reading series as one of their weekly “Five Things You Must Do This Weekend” in Houston!

I am so very excited about this reading, and can’t wait to see all my Houston buds this weekend!

KRAV MAGA!: Mildred’s Umbrella’s Consenting Bodies Series

I will be heading back to warm(ish) winter Houston this January for a reading of my play KRAV MAGA! at Mildred’s Umbrella Theatre.

I love Mildred’s, as they put on great work by women artists, and Collective 48 co-produced the Houston outpost of The Future is Female festival with them in 2017, which was so awesome.

The reading of KRAV MAGA! is going to be part of a new reading series run by co-literary manager Bree Bridger. There will be three plays about women/bodies/consent and KRAV MAGA! will be the final one, followed by a reception. Bree is the director and I was able to Skype into the first read-through–the cast is awesome and I can’t wait!

Get tickets to KRAV MAGA! and the other plays here.

(Also can’t wait to get a little authentic Tex-Mex in me. Pittsburgh is great at a lot of things, but alas, not tacos.)

Pittsburgh Here I Come!

Thrilled to share that I’ve been accepted into Carnegie Mellon University’s playwriting MFA for fall of 2018. We’ll be moving to Pittsburgh in August and I am thrilled to check out that whole “seasons” thing again. Been a while. What’s a sweater?

I will be joining 5 other awesome playwrights in the class of 2020.’

So if you’re in the area or know someone who is, hit me up!


National Winter Playwrights Retreat

So excited to share that I have just been offered (and accepted) a week with the HBMG Foundation’s National Winter Playwrights Retreat! As I’m sure a lot of people know (since I won’t stop talking about it) I am from Minnesota, by way of Chicago. So I love winter, and I love snow, and I cannot wait to get up to Creede, CO for one week in February to make some art!

There will be mountains, there will be cozy sweaters, there will be cocoa, writing, and, I am told, Jeeps! As Houston settles into its 9th month of summer, this could not sound more delightful.

Montauk 4Lyfe

I have just returned from my incredible Albee Foundation Fellowship in Montauk, NY. It was more than I ever could have imagined as both a respite from the daily grind (Hello, three jobs! Oh, how I have not missed you.), and as a really wonderful setting to create. I revised 1 play, wrote two full-length plays, and began sketching out an idea for another full length play and also a TV pilot (hey, a girl can dream!)

The whole time I was surrounded by incredible artists, beautiful beaches, delicious (and maddeningly expensive) farmers’ market fare, and a wonderful caretaker, Rex, who recommended all the best places and helped me find my dog when she temporarily got lost.

I finished up my trip with a 48-hour whirlwind in NYC, where I saw 3 plays and met with 6 awesome & talented theater professionals, all of whom were encouraging and insightful about the industry.

Overall, it could not have been a better experience, and I have every intention of applying again in the future. Obviously fellowships agree with me.


My furbaby, Bechdel, in my room at the Barn. Literally a Room of One’s Own. You know, assuming the “one” refers in this instance to my dog.

Mid-America Theatre Conference

The Mid-America Theatre Conference is being held in Houston this year and I am honored to be included as a playwright in their playwright’s symposium. There will be a development process and staged reading for my play Changeling Play, about two sisters-one of whom believes she is a changeling-who don’t know where they fit in to their community. I will also be attending the full conference, so if you’re a theater artist in the area, come say hi!