Ickipedia Presents MacBADth

I’m so proud to share my first ever audio Directing project!

ICKIpedia is a new podcast devoted to “poking fun and poking holes” in the theatrical canon. In their pilot episode they debut a Wikipedia-version of MACBETH, “MacBADth” and then share excerpts from Alex Lin’s BETH, a modern MACBETH adaptation by a Living American Playwright/

I directed the “MacBADth” portion of the podcast and my totally unbiased opinion is that it’s hilarious and much better than the original. Episode 1 is available on Spotify.

If you like the podcast, or me, or any of the actors, or Wikipedia, or just supporting new American plays and artists in general, you can donate here. 10% of proceeds go to Wikipedia and the rest is used to pay the actors and other artists who gave their time to make the ICKi pilot rad.

Brutal ‘N Scary with Brandy N. Carie

Terrifying television design by Dana Weintraub.

I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of my new blog, Brutal ‘N Scary with Brandy N. Carie!

Watching and reviewing horror movies has been a truly joyous (and terrifying) pandemic hobby. The more I watch the more I want to talk about what I’ve watched. Sometimes people even seem to want to listen! If you’re into scares (or feminist takes on body horror, or Nicolas Cage in general) Brutal ‘N Scary with Brandy N. Carie is for you!

Come for the insightful takes on modern horror and stay for the jokes!

CMU Playwrights Featured on 3Views

So excited to share that I and my cohort from Carnegie Mellon have been featured on 3 Views on Theater, a new theater criticism website.

There is a cute little profile of us as a group and we were each interveiwed about our work and art in the time of pandemic! You can look at my profile and read an excerpt of my work here.

We spent a bit of time talking about my featured play HOW TO LIVE FOREVER, which was also my thesis workshop production at Carnegie Mellon. I’m deep in the middle of a big rewrite so get excited for that!

Goodbye Pittsburgh, Hello LA!

I’m excited to be embarking on yet another big adventure: I have just just moved to Los Angeles, CA!

With the Coronavirus Pandemic still in full swing it’s an extremely weird time to be moving to the home of crowds, drought, earthquakes, and wildfires! Nevertheless I’m pumped to be here and looking forward to getting acquainted with the theatre (when it revives), film/TV, and most importantly, tacos, that call this gigantic city home.

I’m confident next time I post it will be a selfie with Blake and Ryan at a casual dinner/drinks thing in their totally understated mansion. Blake and I had the same high school Show Choir choreographer so I’m sure she’s planning to give me a ring any day now.

ICKipedia Theatre – MacBADth

So delighted to be working with some of my fave collaborators Joshua Brown and Lauren D’Errico on their brand-new project: The ICKipedia Theatre Podcast.

You can learn more at their website, but it’s basically a podcast designed to feature new work inspired by old work, and to poke fun at Classic Theatre by performing radio play versions of the Wikipedia article about the play!

I am proud to be the director of the spoof portion of the first episode: MacBADth, a very bad (but so so good) Macbeth adaptation. The play will be paired with an excerpt of a really actually great play, beth by Alex Lin.

The podcast will be airing sometime in September, so stay tuned!

And if you want to support the artists who are making this pristine piece of Very Serious Art (including me!), you can do that here.

Mid-America Theater Conference HOW TO BE A PERSON

Was delighted to attend the Mid-America Theater Conference to develop my short play HOW TO BE A PERSON with dramaturg Matt Fotis and director Tyrrell Woolbert, starring Andre Garner and Julia Moriarty.

I learned a ton about the play and next steps for its development, and had a blast visiting my old stomping ground of Chicago!

PTC Playlab at Actors Theatre of Louisville

Had the most glorious and productive weekend in Louisville workshopping my play EVERYBODY’S DEAD: A COMEDY at Actors Theatre. Directed by the brilliant Nora Gair, with dramaturgy & curation/casting by the divine Joshua Brown, I learned a ton about the play, added several scenes, and can’t wait for my next opportunity to share it!

Performers Gabriela Llarena, Germainne Lebron, and Kat Pena were delightful to work with and embodied the characters super quickly.